What is Website Evaluation ?

Regular website evaluation is the key to having a successful website. Website evaluation helps you track the performance of your website and implement strategies to improve it. Everyone thinks of website evaluation as the evaluation of website design. However, website evaluation is actually about assessing and measuring the overall website quality and performance. That means evaluating its design, strategy, usability, content, style and search optimisation. We offer exclusive website evaluation services in India with the goal to help you improve the performance of your website using different website assessment tools. Our experts offer site evaluation services in affordable range and adopt the following ways to evaluate your website for its quality:

  • Strategy
  • Usability
  • Style
  • Content
  • Search Optimisation
Website Evaluation


As part of evaluating the website strategy, our experts check:

  • What category or type is your business or brand, and is that clear on your website?
  • How does the website design take your target audience into consideration?
  • What is your website aimed at, and is your website design/content accomplishing that aim?
  • How or What do you want your target group to act or do, and is the website encouraging that action?

Our experts suggest that you must set specific website goals and define your brand. You must align the design of your website accordingly. You are more likely to achieve when your website has a clear strategy.


As part of evaluating the website usability, our experts check:

  • What is the time taken by your pages to load?
  • Does a search button exist for visitors?
  • How easy or difficult is it to locate something on your website?
  • Do all the links on your website work?
  • Does your website work on different web browsers and mobile devices?

Our experts suggest that you must get your website evaluated from time to time in order to make sure that your website has all the new features. You must consider different ways to increase the usability of your website as much as possible. Experts from website evaluation services in Patna, Bihar, such as All Cyber Solutions, can provide you website evaluation services in affordable range and suggest great ways to enhance your website.


As part of evaluating the website style, our experts check:

  • Does the style of your website align with your brand (feel, colour, graphics, etc.)?
  • Does the style suit your target group?
  • Do the decorative touches, photos hinder your message?
  • Is the style of your website consistent throughout?

According to our experts, you must remove any stylistic choices that come in the way of your brand message. You must make sure that your website design and logo align. Also, make sure that your website style is informed by the type of your target audience.


As part of evaluating the website content, our experts check:

  • Are the fonts used on your website readable?
  • Is the text readable?
  • Are the background and text colours clear and suitable?
  • Is your website content concise?
  • Is the content useful?
  • Is the content relevant to the target audience?

According to our website evaluation experts, it is important to evaluate all the text on a website and check if it communicates the brand message clearly and effectively.

Search Optimisation

As part of evaluating the search optimisation, our experts check:

  • Are all the images on your website optimised using ALT tags?
  • Does your website have a sitemap?
  • Have you made use of relevant keywords in your heading tags, meta descriptions and title tags?
  • Is the coding on your website effective?

Our experts suggest that you must think of website design, website quality and search engine optimisation as same matters. You must consider the ways in which the search rankings of your website is affected, and work on enhancing your website accordingly.

Evaluating a website can be very subjective. There are many companies that offer website evaluation services in India. The website evaluation experts at All Cyber Solutions suggest that any website must be evaluated within the content of its goal or purpose. However, certain riles must be followed when evaluating a website. The above listed areas must be evaluated carefully.

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