What is a static website?

A static website is made up of webpages that have fixed content and images. Each page of a static website is coded in HTML which is a programming language. A Static web page display the same information or imagery to all the visitors. These are the simplest and most basic type of websites. In addition to this, static websites are easiest to develop. We are among the top static website service providers in Patna, Bihar. Our USP is that we provide Static website design at best price in the country.

Static Website Services Patna

Benefits of having a static website for your business

There are a large number of benefits of having a static website for your business. Our expert website designers have rounded up a list of few benefits for you below:

  • Reliability: Because static web pages are basic HTML files, it is easier to host them on a CDN or anywhere else with utter ease.
  • Security: Since there is no database involved (intermediary) in a static website, there is very low or no threat or risk of code injection for it.
  • Price and hosting: Since these are basic websites, they do not require much space which ultimately makes their hosting less expensive as compared to other types of websites.
  • Speed: Static websites are easy to load and therefore speedier than any other type of website.
  • Scalability: Static websites can be scaled up easily and quickly by just increasing the bandwidth.

Our static website design services

All Cyber Solutions provides creative and appealing static website designing services. These static websites enable brands to explain the goals and objectives of their company. We help our clients plan, design as well as develop static websites for their personal or business use. Our static website designing services are focused on building or enhancing your online presence. This helps you showcase your services or products and enhance sales.

Here's what our experts at All Cyber Solutions do for you:

  • Our professional static website designers produce meaningful content, stunning imagery, and user-friendly static websites for you
  • The static web content provided by our experts has relevant keywords to get your static website on the top rank in search engines like Yahoo, Google etc.
  • Our innovative static website designers develop attractive, easy to navigate static websites
  • The static website designs created by our designers therefore strike a balance between fast downloads time and high-quality imagery

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