Website development trends which every developer need to focus

Website development trends which every developer need to focus

It is a heart leaping fact that worldwide internet users have attained a figure of more than 4 billion in the year 2018. This coins the fact that with each passing days there will be more added to this number. The increment in the engagement of people worldwide in the internet devices has influenced the owners of the business to explore the opportunities in terms of earnings. Hence, comes the notion of Web Development trends that has taken the internet world by storm. Web design, website design and web development forms the crux of the trend in the IT domain. It is important to design the website in a manner that is customer savvy and helps to bring in more customers with ease.

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App Development Trends in 2018 Shaping Our Future

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid surge in the usage of handheld computing devices i.e Smartphone, tablet and wearable devices. Over 1 billion smartphones with 179 billion applications downloads is testimony to the kind of technological adoption that our new generation has been witnessing. We are witnessing a fourth Industrial revolution, which would primarily be dominated by companies in digital domain using a mix of advanced technology and digital services to solve complex problems.

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